ZERO SUM GAME: Pameran Tunggal Maharani Mancanagara

Bale Project and Soemardja Gallery gladly invite you to our exhibition:
Solo Exhibition  of Maharani Mancanagara
Curated by Sally Texania
Thursday, 8th of February 2018 at 7 PM
Officiated by Sunaryo
Soemardja Gallery
Institut Teknologi Bandung
February 8th – March 2nd 2018
Mon – Fri,  10 AM – 5 PM (Closed on National Holiday)
Artist Talk : February 9th 2018, at 3 PM
Hikayat Wanatentrem – a performance by Misha Ahmad Azizia :  date & place to be confirmed
Maharani Mancanagara is an artist based in Bandung, graduated from Faculty of Visual Art and Design, Printmaking Studio, Bandung Institute of Technology. She won the Soemardja Award #3 as the first winner, which held every two years to select the best artwork from art alumni ITB.
In this exhibition, Maharani packs her narrative into a fable that is divided into several chapters and presents a fictional characters that form a story line that reflect her ongoing research towards the Buru Island and the Indonesian political prisoners circa 60s – 70s.

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