a million things to say A solo exhibition of Pacita Abad at Museum of Contemporary Art & Design Manila

We are thrilled to present a solo exhibition of artist Pacita Abad. Opening on 12 April 2018, the exhibition will be a rare opportunity to view many never seen before works from collections across the globe.⠀

Pacita Abad’s paintings are characterized by color, constant change and experimentation from the 1970’s right up to her passing in 2004. Pacita’s most extensive body of work is her vibrantly, colorful, mixed media painted textile collages, abstract assemblages, and trapunto paintings.⠀

The show will be co-curated with predominant artist and Pacita’s nephew, Pio Abad, and will run until 1 July 2018. RSVP by emailing mcad@benilde.edu.ph.

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