The Metropolis Solo exhibition of Ronald Apriyan at Element Art Space


Element Art Space present
“The Metropolis”
solo exhibition of Ronald Apriyan

Opening Reception
Thursday, 12 April 2018
7pm – 9pm

April 13th – May 13th, 2018
Element Art Space is pleased to present new work by Ronald Apriyan. In his latest body of work, ‘Metropolis,’ Ronald Apriyan continues to develop his own unique visual style by deepening his conversation from his previous exhibition. Apriyan’s inspiration is rooted in his reflections of his own journey in life from his birthplace, his family, forests, and animals to his life now as a father and head of the family. Apriyan’s discourse in the quality of innocence through the realm of memories and dreams of his childhood is prominent through his myriad of pastel and candy shades. They are reminiscent of children’s drawings and evokes the innocence of childhood—playfulness and innate humour, returning us to a childlike state of mind.

‘Metropolis’ embraces the journey into the city life and is a departure from the previous forest life of his last body of works—‘Persembahan Cinta.’ Apriyan’s first encounter of the big city dated back to 1997 when he completed high school. It marked the new chapter in his life and fascination of the metropolis. He found the urban unfamiliar yet was captivated by its glamour and glittering lights. Through the bustling life and skyscrapers that are prominently present, he tried and continues to try and build his own little stories and interpretation of his childhood imagination. ‘Metropolis’ is essentially Apriyan’s effort to decipher the meaning of metropolitan with its imagination that scatter and frame the story of our tomorrow.
Ronald Apriyan was born in 1979, Prabumulih (Southern Sumatra), Indonesia. Recent major exhibitions for Apriyan include solo shows at Bentara Budaya Jakarta (2017) and Art Jakarta Special Solo Project, Ritz Carlton Jakarta (2017). He was also the finalist of UOB painting of the year in 2015.

Element Art Space
22 Lock Road #01-35
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 108939

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